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It’s no secret that the events sector is struggling under the strain of the Covid 19 pandemic. From an industry perspective it appears that we are a low priority contributor, with little or no real understanding of the devastating impact imminent due to the government’s failure to communicate a clear plan to get this show back on the road. The UK Hospitality sector is worth £70bn and hundreds of thousands of jobs are supported by the sector, if we don’t have a clear and concise road map very soon to see us out of this mess there will be no one left to manage events in the future. We’re missing our own team, our clients and our suppliers, there’s no substitute for human interaction and we’ve never underestimated that without the support of everyone involved we wouldn’t have a successful business.  So, what’s happening live here in our office? The immediate future looks pretty dismal as each day, week, and month goes slipping by, but going forward 2021/22 will be a period of consolidation, trying to fit 2 into 1 and claw back some of the losses of 2020. Where there’s bad news it’s generally followed with good news and we are pleased that most of our 2020 bookings have not been cancelled but postponed until a later date. We’ve plenty of new products in the warehouse and we can’t wait to get back to normal, albeit a different type of normal as everyone takes time to adjust. In the meantime, we’ll keep smiling, remain flexible and adjust to the challenges ahead, whatever they may be!

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