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Using textures and materials


Choosing the finishing touches and textures for your event often comes as an afterthought.

Different textures can have a big impact on the mood of a room as well as how it looks. It is not just individual textures that make a difference on the way we see a space, but also the combination of them. Choosing the right materials for your event helps create the right feel for you and your space. Read on for a few basic ideas to get you on the right track.

Get to know the basics. Your colour scheme:

If you’re thinking of using a trusted colour scheme that is guaranteed to work together, texture becomes the star of the show. As monochromatic shades will blend together, it is key that you incorporate subtle colour changes and a dynamic mix of textures that create uneven surface textures for a play on light and shadows. With how it looks as well as how it feels, texture can be used to create a truly interesting environment both to look at and interact with.

Texture and its play on light:

Playing with the way textures interact with light allows you to add extra character and depth to a space. Different textures either reflect, absorb or diffuse light in its own unique way.

As a rule of thumb, use reflective materials (such as our mirror cubes) when more light is needed and use darker, absorbent materials (such as our black velvet seating) when the level of light within a space is too much, or to create a cosy feel.

We are sensory creatures, so don’t neglect to engage your attendees’ sense of touch in your designs. Texture plays a big role in how people will engage physically with your event- let us help you get creative!

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Outdoor spaces


Even though the evenings are drawing in and with that comes a chill in the air, it doesn’t mean you can’t consider an outdoor element to your next event.

By using a combination of clever lighting, heating, comfortable seating and beautiful cozy throws you will be onto a winner.

We can help you can create a space that your guests will love to spend time in that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your theme. We have a wide range of outdoor furnishings and accessories that you can choose from.

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Christmas Parties – let’s get planning!


‘Oh no, Christmas already?!’ (we hear you cry…) Don’t worry, here at Fresh Event Hire we can offer you a fantastic range of furniture and accessories to choose from to make your Christmas event extra special.

Hiring in your furniture and accessories can be a really cost-effective way to give an existing space that you use every day a new lease of life. By using an existing space, whether at home or work can result in a more personal affair than hiring a non-descriptive venue and by using your own space you will have complete creative control!

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